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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  January 10, 2013 11:00am-11:30am PST

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towed closer to highway 29. there was an accident above on highway 37. that is under investigation but what happened next is clear. this is what it looks like under highway 37 at highway tween as the loaded truck burned. the accident happened at 6:40. the truck involved in an accident on 37 dropped 50' on a grassy area and burst into flames and good samaritans got involved. >> the witnesses and off daughter paramedic pulled over and went to the big rig to assist the driver. they found the driver upside down in the cab in the seatbelt. they freed him from the cab. >> the truck driver was taken to the hospital and he died of the injuries. firefighters put the fire out and called in haz-mat to figure out the environmental hazards of the items that burned. the truck was carrying a large number items including plastic
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storage containers. it is believed there has been no contamination of the waterways. >> the chp shut down 37 in both directions for hours with the traffic jam stretching for miles on 37 and on highway 29 and on interstate his 80 where folks did not like the way law enforcement rerouted traffic. >> making us come up here for some reason. i'm late if work. 30 minutes so far. >> the chp is asking people, anyone who saw the accident, that started this, to come forward. it was at 6:40 between a white pikeup and a large semi. if you saw anything going on there, they would love to hear you as the investigation goes on. live in vallejo for abc7. >> we received this video of the big-rig fire shot by a passerby
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submitted through "you report." you should never shoot video while drive for safety reasons but if you see news breaking and can safely pull over and send us photos and video we appreciate that. >> developing news, a school bus was badly damaged when it was rear ended by a big rig on westbound highway four around 8:30 this morning. we show you the damage done to the bus. a student was on board the bus with the driver. no one was hurt but the highway was closed while tow trucks hauled the vehicles off the road. all lanes have re-opened. >> we have breaking news with a person in custody after a high school shooting that wounded two in a small town southwest of bakersfield. our anchor joins us from the newsroom. police want to know a motive. >> it appears a student walked on to the campus armed with a
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shotgun and opened fire at least one student being wounded. that student was airlifted to the local hospital. outside taft high school there reports another suffered a minor injury and refused treatment. it is not clear if that person was hit by gunfire. this is video outside of taft high school and not a live picture. taft is a town of 7,000 people 40 miles southwest of bakersfield. the sheriff says the shooting took place at 9:00 this morning. the alleged shooter was this custody by 9:30. students were evacuated to the football field while a swat team went room to room checking for an accomplice. no one has been found and thing now checking for a motive and looking into a possible relationship between the shooter and the wounded student or students. parents are told to pick up kids
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at the football field at taft high school. we will follow this story on abc7 news at 4:00 and 5:00 and 6:00. >> another big story, mike nicco is tracking showers with live doppler 7 hd and it was cold enough for snow. what is happening now, mike? >> how about that dusting? right now, we will talk about what is happening now on live doppler 7 hd you can see a few radar runs, and a few over the higher elevations, especially in the santa cruz mountains where radar is picking up snow so the possibility of snow exists in the santa cruz mountains and the national weather service is letting the winter weather advisory continue until 1:00 o'clock and possibly 1" to 2" of snow. the clouds are not big but when they roll through they could dust you where a little bit of snow from now until two hours from now. you can see the stream of moisture drying up because the
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colder, dry air is starting to move in. freezing temperatures along the bay shoreline today and colder in the santa clara and east bay and north bay valley and a hard freeze on the way tonight and the next couple of nights. >> talking 49ers for the playoffs. the combination of freezing temperatures and showers has brought rare bay area snow. amy hollyfield is live in the santa cruz mountains. you saw the snow, amy? >> we have a little bit left to show you. look at this patch we found, kristen, most of it has melted and the sun has taken care of it. it was unusually cold, do not let the melting cool you. >> these are bay area kids. they have never seen snow until today. >> really fun. i wanted the boys to see the snow so we drove up here and
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found it. >> you have to go to the mountains to find it. we found a thin layer at highway nine and 35 in the santa cruz mountains coming down delicately this morning and enough to create a little fund but the damp cold brings hazards like black ice on the windy mountain roads. >> if you are in the mountains, especially a shaded area, it comes upon you like that. >> the cold weather will stick around through tomorrow. firefighters say it is always a good idea to load up the car with emergency supplies. >> keep warm clothing in your car and if you have the ability to put tire chains down which is overkill, but depending where you live or where you travel you could need them and a way to get unstuck, sand, or something in the trunk of your car to put under the wheels. it doesn't take much to lose traction. >> safety first but the weather can also be a lot of fun. >> they are having a good time trying to slide and taste it.
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it is really fun. taking a lost -- lot of pictures. >> the cold is expect toddlinger -- to linger at least tonight so you need to protect the plants, pipes, and pets tonight. >> fresh snow is blanketing other parts of the state. look at interstate 80 with new powder on the road from overnight and on highway 50 through the sierra it is the same story. here is what it looked like with chain controls in effect from twin bridges and interstate 80 drivers needs chains. in southern california you could see a healthy dusting of snow over antelope valley and part of the grapevine was closed. >> and a lizard has died at the oakland zoo.
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a captureed lizard was named mr. teeth and was scoffed tuesday at the home of a suspect along with 34 pounds of marijuana. the suspect is due in court. the sheriff released this photo of the pot right there which filled dozens of bags. >> president obama makes his pick for treasury secretary and why the nominee is promising to work on his penmanship. >> a concern about this year's flu season: could the nation be running out of flu stop. >> and this pod of whales has been trapped by ice in
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>> public health officials are concerned about the nation's supply of flu vaccine with the worse problem in a decade. more than 128 million of the supply have been used and 29 states report higher-than-normal cases and health officials are concerned because we are just now entering the height of the flu season. the early onset and severe strain or reasons for the difficult season affecting the nation. >> governor brown has declared an end to california's budget deficit. he has the state budget proposal an hour ago. the big winner in the budget plan is public education which
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will get more than $2.5 billion extra to fund k-12 and community college education. the uc and csu systems get an additional $250 million each. it calls for change to the program that transfers long-term care if adults to counties. the governor is calling for $1 billion reserve fund. brown said the state must still live in its means. >> i am here to get done what is compassionate, what is good for the state of california, and what we can maintain over time rather than just enjoying the momentary high. >> the state still faces a $1.9 billion deficit but brown will benefit from voter-approved tax increases and austerity measures forcing deep cuts to all state services during the last budget cycle. >> right now in washington, president obama has officially nominated jack lew for treasury
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secretary. that announcement was made last than half an hour ago. he is if line to replace geithner. last year, he was chosen to be the president's chief of staff and has a reputation as a tough marketers. republicans claim he is few unyielding in past fiscal negotiations but he will unlawful be nominated for secretary of penmanship. can you read that signature? can you read that signature? it will be appearing on all u.s. money if he is confirmed and he will try to improve his handwriting. >> can we forge that? same reason i could never be treasury secretary, either. >> that was interesting. glad he doesn't write prescriptions. now, going outside, you can see the clouds are out there.
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i will keep the showers in the forecast going today and the cold air comes in tonight with the showers and that is the lingering legacy of the storm system and a chance of showers during the 49ers and packers playoff game. i will give you an update on that. >> the oscar nominations are out and we will go
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>> movies and actors have been nominated for an academy award. did your favorites make it? abc news reporter joins us live from los angeles with the thrill and the disappointment. >> there were several surprises this morning with the nominations that came out. one was silver linings playbook which has new received eight oscar nominations including one in each and every major category. this was still a big day for the big favorite: "lincoln." >> best picture nominee "lincoln." >> it leads the pack with telephone academy award nominations including best picture, a favorite this season and competing against eight
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other films for the top on including amour and beasts of the southern wild and django unchained and argo and les miserables and life of pi and zero dark thirty. seth macfarlane and emma stone revealed the winners. he, too, was nominated, seth macfarlane, for best original song. >> that is obnoxious? i'm a jerk from now on. two more oscar firsts: at 85, the oldest best actress nominee in oscar history. and, as well, a nine-year-old for youngest ever. >> bradley cooper and daniel day-lewis and denzel all up for best actor. for musical to war drama, comedy
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and fantasy, a diverse group this year up for gold. >> some people were surprised that ben affleck and kathryn bigelow were not elected for argo and zero dark thirty. you can see it all here sunday, february 24, reporting live for los angeles for abc7 news. >> we have a list of all the nominees and you can make your pick for the winners and post them to facebook with" my pick" feature. you can see who wins on sunday, february 24, when the oscars are given out, like, only on abc7. can't wait to see what our viewers think and what the stars will wear. >> do we want to know about the weather? >> they have snow, also, the
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grapevine being closed and we still have a chance for snow. it is the cold weather that is going to be the big story. you can see the clouds are still out there but not impressive looking and they do not need to be when you talk snow. it does not take much moisture to make snow. the flakes were decent size and coming down gingerly but they added up to a nice dusting. there is still a possibility they will continue to do that as we look eastover the ocean, the bay and to the ocean from our east bay hills camera this is san jose. can you see how low the clouds are and they are bumping into the higher elevation on either side of san jose. i have this on the west side, cruz mountains, the radar is not impressive but the returns are, and there is still a possibility of a few flakes accumulating until 1:00 o'clock. sliding to mount hamilton and higher mountains over there, you can see the radar shows snow falling in those areas, also.
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the big picture shows still a little bit of moisture upstream. even that, the radar is starting to fade away. they will fade away completely when the sunsets and we lose most of the energy. in fact, look how the clouds you are over the ocean which is where they will be during the overnight hours. now, if you are stepping out we are in the mid-to-upper 40's. we will flirt with record cold high temperatures. we will let you know if we get any of those. right now we will probably be a couple of degrees warmer. temperatures in the mid-40's to 50 in monterey bay and inland. showers will taper. the snow level is still 2,000 feet. freezing cold the next couple of nights but the coast and san francisco, and showers are possible saturday. big game on saturday. we will walk our way through it. we are looking at instability of showers behind the sharp cold front and notice the lines, pressure gradient lines coming straight from the arctic circle.
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it will modify a bit but unusually cold front. on the other side of the screen you can see the showers and how they are sitting over the ocean. one or two or straying inland through 5:00 hour. when we get to tonight you can see they stay over the ocean again. through tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon is mostly sunny conditions and dry but if you are headed out over the ocean still a few showers and saturday morning a light rain moves in and the air mass is cold enough for snow level at 2,500 or 3,000 feet. the storm will bring in warmer air. that will rise and that will do that as the rain leaves. close to kickoff no rain. 8:00, no rain. 9:00, no rain. the models are having a horrible, horrible time with this system saturday flip-flopping with every model. keep it here. the big story tonight north bay
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and east bay and santa santa cla valley, hard freeze. tomorrow, low 50's and even with all the sunshine we are starting cold inland and 30's around the bay. low 50's on saturday. hopefully clearing skies by the game and sunday, monday, and tuesday the pattern is more dry and slightly warmer at mid-to-upper 50's. that is the forecast. spencer and sandhya will come in and we will keep an eye on saturday. >> and we forecast a 49ers win. thank you. >> still ahead, the race to save some
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>> coming up today at 3:00 on katie, incredible medical mysteries and at 4:00 from 7 on your side, tools that will clean all the clutter in your home. >> encouraging news of a pod of killer whales that were trapped in the sea ice in the arctic. >> look at incredible video from youtube, they are taking turns bobbing for air at a truck size breathing hole. they have been trapped for two days beneil a thick sheet of ice but the good news is they appeared in safety after the ice shifted but not totally out of danger. we will keep an cry on
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